Agenda - October 2016

Uintah Community Council Agenda

Thursday October 6, 2016

3:30pm Uintah Library

General Meeting


  1. Record attendance and excused absences:
  • JoAnn Hobbs, Carol Liptrot, Shelly Shupe, Melissa Nichols, Melanie Milne, Tiffany Nash, Jennifer Burdett, Jen Thurgood, Mandy Chapple, Mike Booth, Michelle Carver, Pamela Richins,
  1. Approval of September minutes.
  2. New members – We need more parents to be in compliance.
  3. Review of Trustland Plan 2016-17
  • Additional funds to be spent?
  1. Safe Utah App
  2. Tour of PLTW/STEM materials
  3. Other items of concern –
  1. Close Meeting

End General Meeting

Next Meeting: @ 3:30, Uintah Library


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