Minutes - October 2016

Uintah Community Council Agenda

Thursday October 6, 2016

3:30pm Uintah Library

Members in Attendance

  • JoAnn Hobbs
  • Carol Liptrot
  • Melissa Nichols
  • Melanie Milne
  • Tiffany Nash
  • Jennifer Burdett
  • Jennifer Thurgood
  • Mike Booth
  • Michelle Carver

Excused Members

Absent Members

  • Shellie Shupe
  • Mandy Chapple
  • Pamela Richins

General Meeting


  1. Digital Citizenship training and review by WSD technology department representative
  2. Safe Utah App review by WSD technology department representative
  3. Approval of September minutes- done via e-mail
  4. New members – We need more parents to be in compliance. Board members agreed to recruit among parents because most parent board members have served for multiple terms and/or have older elementary students.
  5. Tour of PLTW/STEM materials- The board members went to Michelle Carver’s room to see a STEM kit. Michelle shared how much her students had enjoyed the activities thus far. Jennifer shared how much her own children had talked about and the STEM kit experiences. Mike brought up how closely tied the STEM experiences are to the science fair because of the emphasis on the scientific method.

End General Meeting