Minutes October 2017

Community Council Meeting Minutes

October 5th, 2017

Sheri Heiter presented information on how to look up Data for your students.

Data Gateway- Utah State Board of Education. Parents can look up Sage scores by grade level.

Where do we want our goals to be? We decided to keep with the same goals as had been voted on.

How can Trust land support proficiency in our school?

The Bond Election is coming up; we are looking to get the word out to inform neighbors and family members about the upcoming vote. This bond will NOT raise your taxes.

Shellie Shupe motioned to approve the minutes and Melissa Nichols approved them.

In attendance:

Joanne Hobbs

Carol Liptrot

Melissa Nichols

Shellie Shupe

Mike Booth

Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood

Morgan Keys

Celecia Peterson

Andrea Prevo

Brandon Thompson

Sarah Wichern