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What Your School Must Do to Receive School LAND Trust Funds
The School Community Council (SCC) is responsible for the School LAND Trust Program.
Who - The membership of the SCC must include:
 The school principal
 At least one school employee elected by the school employees (in addition to the principal).
Employee members may or may not be licensed employees.
 At least four parents (or guardians) elected by majority vote of the parents. Any parent is
eligible if they have a child who will be enrolled at the school during their term of office, unless
they are a licensed employee at the school.
 The committee may have more members than stated here. The number of parent members
must exceed the number of school employees, including the principal by at least two.
How – The election
 Provide notice to staff and parents at least ten days in advance of the election. Include:
o The open positions, how to file and the due date for filing
o When and where the election will be – it must be at the school, overseen by the
 Elections must be completed before the last week of the school year OR may be held near
the beginning of the school year.
 Elections are to be held by secret ballot, with ballots deposited in a secure ballot box and the
results are to be saved at the school.
 After the election, if there are more parents on the council who are also licensed employees
in the school district, than parents who are not, the parent members on the council need to
appoint additional non-licensed parents until non-licensed parents are in the majority.
 If positions on the council are unfilled, the parent members appoint a replacement for a
parent position and employee members appoint a replacement for employee position.
Principals may encourage the council in their appointments but should not appoint members
to the council.
Councils will have already completed this step in preparing the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and
now select from the academic needs and goals in the SIP, an area in which to focus the
School LAND Trust Plan.
 Select a need that is academic – See Appropriate Expenditures at
 Set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based
Prepare an action plan to addressthe need(s) and meet the goal(s) identified.
 Review the current plan to determine if adjustments need to be made or a new plan prepared.
 If the school and council have conducted a formal school-wide assessment in preparing the SIP,
the results should help the council select the academic need, the steps needed to address the
need and assessments to monitor progress.
 If a new plan (or revision) needs to be prepared, begin by brainstorming many options that will
directly impact instruction.
 Collect various examples of research based programs, practices, software, materials,
equipment, and strategies that could effectively meet this need.
 Invite all members to describe how the group they represent can provide support towards
students reaching the goal.
 Identify barriers and how the plan will address them.
 Prepare a step by step outline of the action plan that includes duties and responsibilities, who is
responsible and the timeframe
Funding the plan
 Decide how much funding will be required to implement the plan.
 Develop a budget.
• Review funding available from the School LAND Trust Program.
• Consider finding matching money to help implement the plan.
o Funds from the School LAND Trust Program can be matching money for a grant
o Consider involving business partners
Measuring progress and results
 Identify methods for measuring student improvement that are data driven.
 Establish the beginning point (baseline) from current assessments.
 Define the assessment goal and a timeline to reach it.
 Include in the plan how progress will be tracked and how final results will be assessed
 Schedule regular progress reports
Approving the plan and Submitting On-line
 When the plan is complete, the council adopts it through a motion and vote. The motion is
recorded in the minutes with who voted for, against and who was absent.
 The plan is submitted on the website at
 The local school board considers the plan and approves it, or may send it back to the council
with an explanation about what needs to be amended.
 The school plan goes back to the local school board for final approval.
 Council members will be asked to sign a Membership Signature Form indicating their
involvement in preparing and approving the School LAND Trust Plan.
Implement your plan with enthusiasm – focus on results.
 Follow the steps in the action plan
 Receive regular updates of assessment measurements
 Receive regular reports from those with duties and responsibilities in the action plan.
 Make adjustments, if necessary
Publicize your plan – See examples below
 In the school newsletter
 Contact local media to share successes
 Have the children show what they have learned at a “Parent Night”
 Invite local legislators to the school; share the plan and its results
 Remember, continued funding depends on policy makers being informed and supportive
of how the money is used.
o Write a letter from the SCC about what the school accomplished because of these
funds and thanking them for supporting the program.
o Send the letter to elected policy makers. Links to find your policy makers and their
contact information are found on the website at
The Final Report - Submit the Final Report online before November 16th following the
implementation year
 District business administrators enter the expenditures
 SCCs should review the expenditures to be sure they are consistent with school records
 SCCs complete the narrative sections and submit the Final Report online
 As part of the Final Report, principals enter and sign a Principal’s Assurance Form assuring
that councils have been properly constituted according to the law.
 Prepare a summary of the Final Report and make it available to all parents
 The Final Report summary, names and contact information of council members, the council
meeting schedule for the year, and the distribution amounts for each school year are
posted on the school website.

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