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801.452.4980  |  6115 South 2250 East Ogden, UT 84403

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Uintah Elementary Community Council Minutes - September 5, 2019

Members Present

  • Parent Members
    • Sarah Wichern, Mike Booth, Alison Hunsaker, Morgan Keyes, Adam Hensley, Michelle Anderson
  • School Members
    • Dave Wallace, Shellie Shupe, Melissa Nichols, Michelle Carver-Martinez, Jacque Holmquist

Members Absent

  • Parent Members
    • Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood, Julia Babilis Stephens
  • School Members
    • Carol Liptrot


  • Welcome Members
  • Approve Prior Meeting Minutes
    • Melissa Nichols motioned approval of meeting minutes.  Mike Booth seconded.
  • New Officers Elected
    • Sarah Wichern elected Chair.  Adam Hensley motioned for Sarah.  Melissa Nichols seconded.
    • Shellie Shupe elected Vice-Chair.  Melissa Nichols motioned for Shellie.  Michell Carver-Martinez seconded.
    • Melissa Nichols elected secretary.  Michelle Carver-Martinez motioned for Melissa.  Shellie Shupe seconded.
  • Introduction of new Mustang Pledge, UR Tickets, Fix-It Tickets by Dave Wallace
  • Discussion of parking lot, bus safety and restructure of school entrance by Dave Wallace
  • Two part-time TSA (Teacher Student Advocates) and additional counselor time added to faculty
  • Discussion of PLC options and upcoming PLC training by Solution Tree scheduled for October 28-30
  • Discussion of goals becoming more realistic, while maintaining expectations 

Next Meeting

  • Planned for ____________ at Uintah Elementary
    • Agenda Items


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