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How to Pay Lunch Fees Online


If you would like to check your students lunch balance or pay it online,
please log into MYWEBER PORTAL with the link provided below.

use your Students ID number. There is a 4% convenience fee with a $.50 minimum.
You may also click on the box to have your child’s lunch account balance e-mailed
to you when it gets low.


The lunchroom manager will send out delinquent account notices on Wednesdays. Teachers will give them to your student on Thursday. A personal phone call will be made as a courtesy for delinquent accounts on Mondays.  When your account reaches $10.00 delinquent a letter will be sent to your home address.


$30.00 delinquent will be sent to collections/$50.00 a family.


Free/Reduced Lunch Applications MUST be Turned in YEARLY!!!

Please feel free to call me with any concerns I am in my office daily from
6:00 am – 2:00 pm

Bonnie Keller 801-452-4990 Thank you for all your support.


School Lunch Cost

Elementary school Lunch will be $1.85/day or $.40/day for reduced meals.
Elementary school Breakfast is $1.25/day or $.30/day for reduced meals.


Payment Options

You may pay by the day, week, or quarter:

1st. Quarter Lunch 46 DAYS $85.10 Full pay 1st. Quarter Breakfast 46 DAYS $57.50 Full Pay

Aug. 23 – Oct. 27 $18.40 Reduced $13.80 Reduced

2nd. Quarter Lunch 45 DAYS $83.25 Full pay 2nd. Quarter Breakfast 45 DAYS $56.25 Full pay

Oct. 28 – Jan. 12 $18.00 Reduced $13.00 Reduced

3rd. Quarter Lunch 44 DAYS $81.40 Full pay 3rd. Quarter Breakfast 44 DAYS $55.00 Full pay

Jan. 13 – Mar. 17 $81.40 Reduced $13.20 Reduced

4th. Quarter Lunch 45 DAYS $83.25 Full pay 4th. Quarter Breakfast 45 DAYS $13.50 Full pay

Mar. 20 – May 26 $18.00 Reduced $13.50 Reduced


If you send lunch payments with your child, please put it in an envelope with your child’s full name, teacher/grade and the amount.



Lunch Times
11:00-11:35 Life Skills
11:15-11:55 Second Grade
11:30-12:10 Third Grade
11:45-12:25 First Grade
12:00-12:40 Fourth Grade
12:15-12:55 Fifth Grade
12:30-1:10 Sixth Grade