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Laws passed for the child's safety and our protection make it difficult for us to administer medication at school. Elementary age children are not allowed to bring and administer medication to themselves. You might consider the following options:

1. Get a slow release medication that lasts all day.
2. Give the medication before and after shcool.
3. A parent may come to school and administer the medication.
4. Office personnel may administer medication if you follow the procedures as outlined below.

If you have a child who needs to be given medication during school hours each day, it will be necessary to have a signed release form on file in the office. Two signatures are needed--one from the parent and one from the doctor. This form is also needed if your child as allergies, asthma, etc., and medication is needed only when a reaction occurs. You may pick up blank forms at the office. The medication must be sent in the prescription bottle by an adult. All medication will be kept in the office, with records being kept as to its dispersion. By state law this procedure must also apply to aspirin and other non-prescription drugs. A form for carrying asthma inhalers is also available in the office.