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Before School Procedures:
Stay in designated areas
Take out a book and read quietly if indoors
Allow teachers their planning time
Remember to line up quietly and enter the school through the outside doors
Think about your goals for the day

Restroom Procedures:

Hallway Procedures:
Walk facing forward and stay to the right
Always follow directions
Lips closed
Keep hands and feet to self

Lunchroom Procedures:
Control body and talk quietly
Have respect
Everyone cleans up

Office Procedures:
Please use inside voices
Always have a pass
Stay behind the counter

Computer Lab Procedures:
Try your best always
Your hands and feet to self
Please respect equipment
Everyone cleans up their area before leaving

Assembly Procedures:
Control Body
Appropriate responses

After School Procedures:
Exit with your teacher through the designated doors
Nicely walking while on school property
Directly to crosswalk, bus or pick-up zone and wait for crossing guard
Playground Procedures
Please share and be fair
Line up quickly and quietly
Assigned areas
Your body in control

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