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Every year questions are asked regarding transportation. Please note in the below policies that
elementary students who live beyond 1.5 miles from the school are eligible to ride the bus.
Those students who qualify to ride a bus are to be dropped off and picked up at their regularly
assigned bus stop. Transporting students to daycare or non-related school activities is not
There must be a minimum of ten students for an established bus route. If students qualify for a
bus and the route does not meet this requirement, a bus will not be provided. In this situation,
parents may be reimbursed for transporting their child/children.
We appreciate our Transportation Department and the fabulous work they do. If you would like
to review our busing policies and procedures, you can locate this on Weber School District’s
website under Departments/Transportation.
Weber School District Elementary Education
Cami Alexander, Executive Director
Karla Porter, Supervisor
Busing Procedures
Due to liability and safety concerns, the district strictly adheres to the busing procedure set forth by the
Weber School District, the Utah State Office of Education and Risk Management.
The procedure states that school bus drivers are not authorized to allow eligible students, those who are
assigned to their bus route, to be dropped off or picked up at unauthorized bus stops nor to allow students
not assigned to their bus route to ride the school bus. Ineligible students, those who do not qualify for busing
services, are also not allowed to ride the school bus to or from school.
Transporting students to such activities as parties, scouts, sleepovers, achievement days, piano lessons,
daycare, etc. will not be allowed. The school bus is only to be used for transporting eligible students to and
from their registered residence.

3. Bus Routes: Bus routes will be established at the beginning of each school year in accordance with
the regulations listed above and in accordance with sound economical and safety practices. Buses will be
routed in such a manner as to provide approved transportation services that are economically feasible, safe
and practical. The minimum number of general education students required to establish a route is ten: the
minimum number of students with disabilities is five.

2. c. Parents of elementary students who live beyond 1.5 miles from the established bus route and
parents of secondary students who live beyond two miles from the established bus route may be reimbursed
an amount determined by the Board of Education for transporting their students from their registered
address to the nearest bus stop on the regular bus route.

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