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Attendance Policy


To ensure the safety of your child we request that you please contact the classroom teacher or office if
your child will be absent or tardy
❖ Preferred methods: e-mail or text message the classroom teacher
❖ Or contact the office – 801-452-4980
❖ Tardy students must check-in the office
❖ These procedures help to ensure student safety
❖ Please reduce absences, “late admits” and “early check-outs” whenever possible
Students are expected to attend school unless they are ill or attending to a family emergency. More than 10
absences during the year are considered to be chronic absenteeism.


Utah State law requires that all visitors check-in at the office and be given a visitor sticker. This includes
accompanying students, and attending school lunch.
❖ Students who arrive late to school should check-in at the office.
❖ Items brought to the office can be delivered to the student by our staff or the student will be invited
to the office.
❖ Students will only be released from class to office personnel
❖ Students will only be released to those listed on the student’s registration file
❖ Students must be released to a responsible person
Please strive to reduce the interruptions caused by tardies and early check-outs. The first 30 minutes of
the day often includes some of the day’s most valuable instruction.
Only students and school staff are permitted on the playgrounds during school hours.