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Parking, Drop-Off & Pick-Up


The parking lot is one of the riskiest areas of the school campus. In order to ensure the safety of ALL students
it is essential that all members of our school community commit to the following procedures. Cooperation and
patience is required to make the process work.
It is vital that ALL of our students arrive/depart safely – a 99% success rate is NOT acceptable.
We recognize that [the pick-up/drop-off] process can be challenging. It is important to consider that over 700
students are arriving and dismissing at the same time. A few minutes of patience are priceless for the safety
of our children. Please review the following safety procedures in order to ensure the utmost safety for our
children as they arrive to/depart from school.
● Slow down and be alert through school zones and parking lots.
● Avoid the bus zone.
● Pull forward as far as possible to allow other vehicles to access the curb.
o Please pull past the angle-corner to the designated line
● Accompany students (by an adult) from the parking lot to the sidewalk.
● Be punctual. School begins at 8:30. A timely start helps the students to have a more successful day.
Student punctuality reduces anxiety and allows a student to safely and calmly get to where
they need to be.
● Please pull-forward along the curb in the unloading zone
● Please, never allow a child to get out of a car and cut across the parking lot or the road
o -- walk with them to the sidewalk.
● Please do not leave your car unattended in a drop-off zone.
● Please do not STOP in the pull-through lane.
● Please be patient. The parking lot is a busy place right after school. Early check-outs are extremely
disruptive to the learning process and should be avoided.
● Never allow a child to walk unattended from the sidewalk or across the street to the car.
● Please avoid the bus-lane.
● Please follow the traffic flow pattern in the illustration to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly.