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School Procedures

Uintah Elementary School-wide Behavior Program

We are .. MUSTANGS!

We believe the primary objective of discipline is to be positive and to help each student develop the
self-control to control his/her emotions, mind and body.. Student self-control gives them POWER over
themselves and their environment. We will reinforce this concept through the school motto: POWER
Positive Attitude ** On task ** Wise choices ** Effort**Respect and Responsibility

One of our goals is to teach students to take responsibility for all of their actions and behave in an appropriate
manner that respects the learning environment and the rights of others. We are implementing a set of school
rules that will be consistent throughout the school day and apply in all learning environments (i.e. classroom,
halls, lunch, playground, and busses):

MUSTANGS pledge to be

Each learning area will also have procedures that will be taught and reinforced. A variety of positive
reinforcement programs will be used to recognize students who are appropriately following these procedures.
The area procedures include:

Bus Procedures:
● Sit down on pockets
● Appropriate Voice
● Face Forward
● Everyone on the same team

Cafeteria Procedures:
● Control Body
● Have Respect
● Everyone Cleans Up
● Walk

Bathroom Procedures:
● Hush
● Flush
● Wash

Campus Control Procedures
● Please Share and Be Fair
● Line up Quickly and Quietly
● Assigned Area
● Your Body in Control

Hallway Procedures
● Walk facing forward
● Always keep to the right
● Lips closed
● Keep hands /feet to self

Assembly Procedures:
● Control Body
● Listen
● Appropriate responses
● Participate

End of Day Procedure:
● Exit the building (H:15)
● No phone calls until busses leave
● Directly to assigned meeting place